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Online newsletters are dead. Why?

Online Newsletters Are Dead!

1. Time poor in 2005
While online newsletters were wildly successful in 1999, approaching 2006 I personally feel people don't have the time to devote to reading them anymore. A quick glance rather than a savored read.

2. Email Overload, not unique
When you get 50 to 100 emails a day; every business sending promo's under the guise of 'newsletter' how can a 'real' newsletter get noticed and read?

3. Software Changes
Outlook 2003 helped kill newsletters along with the utlra tight spam filtering. So who knows how many really get read and arrive in a form that can be read?

How can you increase your newsletter success?

1. Espresso vs. the latte bowl
Short. Quick. Succinct - but with personality.

2. Them. Not you.
What can you put in it to make your readers more successful? You can 'sell' a little bit - but it can't be the real reason for your newsletter (even though that is exactly what YOU want).

3. Business interests. Not business activity
Let me explain. While doing research for a speaking engagement for the Institute of Mercantile Agents (debt collectors, private investigators etc.) I interviewed a typical large client - the head of collections for a large bank.
I asked "What are you interested in? If the companies that do business with you were to send you a newsletter, what information would you want?"
The person replied. "Not collections. That's a piece of cake. I'm interested in articles on leadership. On motivating staff. On training staff...."

Have you thought of this angle when doing your client communications?

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