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Promote! Grab Your Opportunity by the...

Lets face it. There are 1,000's of people just like you out there. Running similar companies. Filling your occupation. Accountants. Writers. Marketers. Caterers. IT Consultants. Graphic Designers. Small business owners.

What makes any one of us very successful? What makes you special? You can be the very best in your industry at what you do. But if people don't know about you - how can they use your services? Success comes more swiftly to those adept at marketing and promoting their businesses. You should be a better marketer of what you do than a doer of what you do.

Take each and every opportunity to promote your business. For example, let me give you two examples of Blown golden opportunities.

Blown Opportunity One
I know a husband and wife team, Meir and Jude. They run their own catering business, specialising in vegetarian food. Their food is incomparable, delicious with stunning presentation. Always. I've had the enjoyable opportunity to be at 4 functions that they have catered.

But why oh why Meir didn't you have a table plaque with your company name and contact details? Why didn't you have your business cards on all the tables - or even one? Here in the middle of your target market, with people marvelling at your work (and the chef never in sight) why is there no way to find out more?

Blown Opportunity Two
Arriving a bit early for a meeting at a Mission Bay Café, I walked in and ordered a coffee. In front of the cash register was an enormous white latte' bowl, chock full of business cards. I asked the team behind the counter "What do you do with these cards". They all looked at each other, shook their head they didn't know. Then one ventures "People go in a monthly draw for a hotel stay". "Then what do you do with the business cards" I asked. Again, they looked at each other. "Nothing" was the reply.

What a missed golden opportunity!!!! Here was a client database right before their very eyes that they throw out. They should instead start an online communication with people who have already become their clients, and try to woo them back again and again and again.

STRATEGY: Don't be afraid to promote your services or ask for referrals. Develop a database of potential customers to be in contact with. Meir could have a discreet sign up sheet where he offers to email or mail recipes for all the holiday seasons. The café could offer true Internet specials - like a free cup of coffee when you dine next; they can do an email campaign to bring customers in on slow Mondays.

ACTION: Do something likewise for your own profession. A financial services adviser could offer economic quarterly updates to clients. IT professionals could offer information about new software or innovations as they come on the market. Caterers can do seasonal recipies. Florists can prompt clients back on birthdays. Don't make - or wait - for prospects to come to you. Send "yourself" to them. Offer something with that magic word free
attached to it. Build up a database and stay in contact at least 4 times a year.

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Debbie Mayo-Smith (BSc Hons Econ) is an International Motivational Business Speaker and Managing Director of SuccessIS! (http://www.successis.co.nz) and a leading specialist in easy practical ways to improve business profitability, personal productivity and Internet marketing. Debbie lives in NZ and travels the world speaking, writing and training.

This article is copyright to Debbie Mayo-Smith & SuccessIS. You may use it for your newsletter, website or as an article. It can be reproduced - but in its entirety and with inclusion of Debbie Mayo-Smith as the author and the weblink www.successis.co.nz


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