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21 point checklist to increase your website return on investment Part two:

Helping you know - what you don't know
So many choices to make. So many different web designers with different prices. So very much to know. The intense danger of not knowing what you don't know!

I've arranged the tips into three categories: Structure (S); Search Engine (SE); Content (C)

  1. (SE) Unique -each page
    Try to structure each page as it's own unique website, with it's own title, description and keywords. This will multiply the number of times your site itself can be picked up by search engines.
  2. (S) No Orphans
    Make absolutely sure every single page on your website gives the viewer the ability to navigate around the rest of the site (or the majority of it). Do not have orphans - pages without the ability to get back. Not everyone knows to hit the back key.
  3. (S) Use layering on your navigation
    People hate clutter so don't have a million navigation links on the home page. Instead use layers. This means when someone puts their mouse on a navigation link, a second series of navigation to pages appears. The Telecom home page is an example.
  4. (C)Think like a novice
    On one hand dollars to donuts your webdesigner might want to do all neat and wonderful things for you - perhaps to show off their graphic ability or what's new and hot on the web. Stop. Step back. And think like a novice. Many of the visitors coming to your site will be new to the Internet, or not have access to speedy downloads, or the latest software. this leads me to my next point,
  5. (S)Don't gratuitously Flash
    I've almost written ad nausea already about putting Flash on a website. Be careful and be judicious. Is it REALLY necessary?
  6. (S) Don't use backgrounds
    It's hard enough to read on the Internet without making it harder. Don't, I repeat DO NOT USE Backgrounds on your website. Keep readability clear and easy. Backgrounds to me scream amateur (like a neighbours kid), old and outdated. I truly don't think I have come across a background yet that has been subtle enough to keep it easy to read.
  7. (SE) Use Alt-Image Tags
    Did you know some people have graphics turned off? Did you know you can also give the (shall I call it) image placeholder on your webpage a name too? These tags can help increase your search engine ranking and help to describe what's being shown to people who view text only.
  8. (C) Write in benefits - not features
    People care about themselves and what you can do for them. So write that way. Write your entire site so it reads what's in it for me for the reader, rather than a litany of "you's, you's, you's".
  9. (S) Colour counts.
    A recent survey found that the colour palette on a site was the most important attribute for roughly 41% of women and 34% of men. To read the article, click here
  10. (SE) Write for the search engines
    Be sure to include your keywords in your text -and be doubly sure to include them higher up the page than further down. Have text, not pictures and lots of Java Script at the top of the page.
  11. (C) Forget your corporate structure
    Put yourselves in your clients shoes. You might have 5 different divisions to your business, but that doesn't mean a thing to your viewers. Start from the perspective of someone not knowing a thing about you and build a site based on common sense, not your management’s egos or structure.

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