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Six Great Time Saving Ideas - Get more done in less time

You wouldn't normally think to be creative with 'Drag and Drop'. You use it now to move emails into folders I bet.

Drag and Drop can save you a fabulous amount of time - over time
You don't have to click; use drop down menus; copy; paste; re-write.

1. Instant new Contact. Or Task. Or Appointment
Drag an email from your inbox and drop it into another folder. For example into Contacts or Calendar. You'll open a brand new contact with the senders name and email address filled out (in the proper spots) and the entire content of the email in the text portion. Now most people have a signature in their email (name, company, position, address, phone etc). Where you hit super genius status is when you drag and drop those signature contact details in the respective field in the contact. Voila - no typing!!!!!!

2. From inbox to database
Want to move contact details from an email into your database? Open the email on half your screen, then have your database open on the other half (they're both minimised to fit side-by-side). You can use the highlight, drag and drop technique here too, from the email straight onto your database.

3. Copy or move
For all programs:
To Copy -
hold down the control button when you Drag and Drop.
To Move - just drop it where you want it moved.

4. From one program to another
Have a group of people you want to contact? If you have their details in a column (such as an Excel column, Access column or a table in Word) you can highlight the entire column of email addresses, drag and drop or copy and paste them straight into the To; CC; or BCC address field of your outgoing email.

5. Quickly add an attachment to a new email
Locate the file, for example a .doc file in your My Documents folder, and then drag it to your Inbox. Outlook opens a new email with the file attached. You can also drag multiple files.

6. Open something quickly
When in Windows Explorer - drag a document from the folder view and drop it into the toolbar at the bottom of your screen (make sure you see the + sign). That document will open

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