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Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars From a Few Phone Calls

It was a little after midnight, several years ago. The bus was full of happy, tired revellers, all dressed in their finest. The seat next to me wasn't empty long as the bus filled fast. The party was over and we were returning to our Palmerston North hotel. It was the gala night of the NZ Financial Planning and Investment Advisers Convention.

"John" (not his real name) sat next to me. After the normal "hello, wasn't that a great dinner and night" he said "Debbie, I must tell you a story".

"Great! I love stories" I replied.

"Do you remember when you came to speak to us last year, and you said that we should communicate more frequently with clients, and that email was an option to consider?"

"Yes, of course I remember" I said.

"Well, that really touched home with me. I immediately asked my Assistant if she wouldn't mind switching hours for a short while and working a few afternoons, evenings, calling clients to get their email addresses. I only had about 10% in my database.

The most amazing thing happened. Almost every time she called someone, not only were they happy to give me their email address, but they also wanted to speak with me.

Do you know, I have done HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in new business, and I still haven't sent one email!!!!"

This true story highlights a point I made in my last article for NZ MICE - the importance of staying in touch with clients and prospective clients. There is business out there waiting for you - or for someone else to snatch away. Don't be reactive - waiting for them to call you - be proactive - you get in touch with them.

Here's a simple idea to consider

1. Go back through your records of the last 2-3 years.
2. Write down all the events you planned/were held with you.
3. Get the contact details for the person responsible at that organisation
4. Create a new Calendar in Outlook (if you have a later version) or put it in an Excel spread sheet.
5. Now create a task in outlook to prompt you to contact the organisation 8 months beforehand for each one (or whatever your time frame is) to get in there early. Or simply sort your excel spreadsheet by month of event and work "x" months out.

Don't Blow It
In your regular communications with clients, it should be WIFFM, (what's in it for me) not your service push. Your focus is how to make them more successful. Why else would they give up their valuable time to read your communications?

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