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Your Money or Your Laptop?

Which would you rather lose?
If you were walking through a parking lot and someone ran up to rob you, which would hurt more: Losing your laptop or your wallet/handbag?

Well it happened to me at the Auckland airport the other week. I considered it a stroke of great luck that I had just taken my laptop out of my handbag and that didn't go too.

When was the last time you backed up your computer information
You never know when a laptop can be dropped or stolen. A computer fried with a cup of coffee down it - a child accidentally wiping out all your family photos of the past three years.

Backing up is easier than ever before. Here are a few ideas

1. Buy a writable DVD player. External ones that plug in through a USB port are easy - and not more than $100 or so. Then every week or two, back up your files, or even the most recent files to a DVD. Remember to store it somewhere else!

2. Buy an external flash memory
the whole kit n caboodle will only cost around $300. The external drive is about the size of a PDA - smaller than a book. Write your backup files to that.

3. If you have Windows 2000 and above, a backup is built in!
Start menu> Programs > Accessories > Systems Tools > Backup. Then the Backup wizard will walk you through it.
Again - don't just back up into the computer, back up to a CD, DVD, Memory stick - anything and keep it somewhere else

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