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Conquer Your Email Overload: Superb Tips and Tricks for Busy People

Ease your pain. Enhance your gain. Focusing on Outlook 2010.

Learn how to:

  1. Work the new 2010 Ribbon
  2. Have your emails automatically: Read, sorted, files, answered, forwarded, deleted.
  3. Turn contacts into a stunning marketing database
  4. Cut at least ˝ an hour a day off working in your inbox
  5. Never forget to follow up again

You must get this book. It gives you clever, timesaving 'how-to' solutions to the top problems you have using email, your calendar, address books/contacts.

What's more, if you're in business you'll love the added strategies to improve your marketing and email prowess. The time saving tips will absolutely claw back hours wasted in your inbox. You'll pump up your personal productivity. In fact this is a book that everyone uses email should have!

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Conquer Your Email Overload

Make Your Database Your Goldmine

Don't let your customer information just sit there. Turn it into a goldmine and learn how you can easily profit from it and increase your level of customer service.

No matter where you put your data to sleep at night (i.e. what database you use) you can instantly copy it into Excel and work with it to create marvelous targeted mailing lists, add/delete information and do wonderful maintenance tricks.

Further with the great screen shots and clear instructions you'll learn masses of tricks to shave hours you normally waste working with your data.

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Make Your Database Your Goldmine

101 Quick Tips: Effective Communication

Want to be more memorable and persuasive?

Whether you're talking to a client, writing an email or just entertaining over the dinner table, you have to know and practice essential techniques for getting your message across. Debbie is a bestselling author, columnist, media commentator and one of the most successful, sought-after speakers at business conferences around the world. Debbie's tips are supplemented with great advice from well-known writers, presenters, speaking coaches and other business leaders.

With 101 Quick Tips: Effective Communication, you'll learn how to be an unforgettable storyteller, negotiator and conversationalist!

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101 Quick Tips: Effective Communication

101 Quick Tips: Create a Great Customer Experience

Do you want more sales, referrals and repeat business? Then you need this book!

Whether you're self employed; own or run a business in the trades, retail, services, or financial sector; manufacture products, or grow produce; rely on tourism, foot traffic or subscribers for sales - you have customers.

You won't want to miss these 101 tips to place your head and shoulders above the crowd to build customer loyalty, word of mouth, and profits.

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March/April Special. With your Customer Experience purchase receive a free eBook copy of 101 Quick Tips Effective Communication.

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101 Quick Tips: Surviving the Kids

101 Quick Tips for Google and Email

John Ray: Managing Director Stevenson Group
"It’s a genuinely useful productivity tool for one of the big problems in our business. The guys have it sitting around their keyboards. It’s unusual to find something so universally well received by staff like this book has been."

Debbie's years of experience working with email and Google are packed into this easy to read quick tip book.

From creating your own inbox secretary to clever ways of beating spam, from keeping an eye on your house from space to finding a great recipe for tonight's dinner, this book gives you the ideas, tips, and tools to save valuable time in today's hectic world.

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101 Quick Tips for Google and Email

101 Quick Tips: Surviving the Kids

Do you juggle a busy family home and career?
Are you a multi-tasking parent / grandparent with 101 demands on your time?
Does parenting ever get so on top of you that you feel you're struggling to keep your sanity?

With nine children between them and busy careers, let Debbie and Mary Lambie use their experience to make this practical little book a goldmine of solutions for you.

  • Handy home hints
  • How-to’s for better balance between work and home
  • Ideas for kids and holidays
  • Discipline
  • Technology tips
  • Making that all elusive time for yourself

SURVIVING THE KIDS has something for everyone

Co-Author Mary Lambie is best known as the former host of TV One’s Good Morning show. She is mother to Grace (4) and twins Jack and Elizabeth (2), and is married to Jim Mora. While based primarily at home with her children she continues to work as a freelance writer, columnist, radio and TV presenter.

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101 Quick Tips: Surviving the Kids

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Andrew Gardner; Investors Edge

"Get on her email list mate! She sends brilliant tips every month. It’s the one newsletter I love to get!"

Arthur; Perth Australia
"By the way, I’m a businessman and  I really like your books. I first came across your book “Marketing in today’s wired world” in Auckland airport last month and have been reading it avidly ever since. What I like is that they are simple to read and easy to understand and that means that I don’t mind reading them (haven’t wasted my money), saves me time (i.e. you put things within my limited electronic grasp without giving me a headache!) and I believe your material is excellent value for money. Also, very impressed with your service. Looking forward to reading the next lot!"

Lynn Millar; Administration Manager; Contact Infotech
"I bought your book about the email recently and have found that I can utilise my time much more efficiently than ever before and I thought I was good already. I am really grateful to you for this book, it has just made my job a lot easier. Now the boss thinks I am a wonder woman and I am busier than ever."

Garth Burleigh; General Manager; Fuji Film NZ
"It's a revelation each time you open the book! There are things I hadn't thought of before. Conquer shows you how powerful the software really is and proves my knowledge of it didn't even scrape the surface before."