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Make Your Database Your Goldmine



Want to be more memorable and persuasive?

Don't let your customer information just sit there. Turn it into a goldmine and learn how you can easily profit from it and increase your level of customer service.

No matter where you put your data to sleep at night (i.e. what database you use) you can instantly copy it into Excel and work with it to create marvelous targeted mailing lists, add/delete information and do wonderful maintenance tricks.

Further with the great screen shots and clear instructions you'll learn masses of tricks to shave hours you normally waste working with your data.
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Babcock Associates; Leanne, Director
"Debbie, I am currently reading your book 'Successful Email Marketing' and I can't put it down. I've highlighted almost every page. Your information is so insightful and easy to implement and comes at perfect timing for my business. You are truly demonstrating all of your principles and it's inspiring. Thank you!"

Online Banking Review; Charis Palmer; Managing Editor
"Debbie Mayo-Smith is an inspiration to anyone who works with the online channel. Ever since I attended her first seminar I've been hooked. Both her book and regular email newsletter are packed full of practical tips. Not the kind of tips that you groan at and say 'Tell me something I don't know' but genuinely useful tips that do make your life easier. I use her tools and ideas in my own business all the time."