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Superb Tips And Tricks for Managing Your Customer Information

Is a practical how-to guide for setting up a customer database from scratch, or enhancing yours to learn how to easily release hidden profits. 

Packed with real world examples, written in plain language and very simple to follow screen shots, this book will give you the tools you need to:

  • Plan and develop your customer marketing database requirements.
  • Make better use of everyday database and email software.
  • Get the information YOU want our of your database.
  • develop profitable marketing, business development and customer service campaigns.

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Superb Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Customer Information
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Why You Need This Book - Superb Tips and Tricks For Managing Your Customer Information

Marketing, business development, customer relationship management and communication should be one of the foundations of your business. It’s normally expensive, time consuming and must be done well. In fact success hinges on three factors.

1. A comprehensive database of customer and prospect information.

2. Being Targeted. When you get the right information to the right person – the more effective and successful your results.

3. Your communication must be “what’s in it for the reader” to keep their attention and their permission for you to contact them.

This book is worth it’s weight in gold to you because it will show you how to make absolute magic by combining your customer information with the software you already have at your fingertips.

You’ll learn how to set up a marketing database, or take the information you have in one now and make it work.

You‘ll learn how incredibly easy it is to work in Microsoft Excel to enhance, clean up, fill-in, fix, correct, consolidate and manipulate your customer and prospect information - no matter where it’s stored.

You’ll then learn how to create targeted mailing or email lists in two minutes flat so you can work with your information. All this is accomplished with a few pushes of a button and the many Superb Tips and Tricks that you never knew existed until you read this book.

An extra bonus is the vast amount of time and administrative overhead this will save you.

Superb Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Customer Information
Print $40.00, and sent via airmail for free
E-book $20.00.
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Sample Chapter - Superb Tips & Tricks for Managing Your Customer Information

If you would like to see a few free sample chapters, please click here. We have a 19 page PDF that is about 400k for you.

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Table of Contents - Superb Tips and Tricks For Managing Your Customer Information



Section I – Before you Begin

Chapter 1 - Before You Begin
Chapter 2 - Clever Fields and Suggestions
Chapter 3 - How Will You Fill In Your Holes
Chapter 4 - Marketing Database Types and Explanations
Chapter 5 - Is Excel Right For You?

Section II –Getting Started

Chapter 6 - Working Smarter - 8 Superb Tips For Making it Easier to Work in Excel
Chapter 7 - Time Savers
Chapter 8 - 3 Great Excel Secrets Section III – Consistency Is The Rule. Automate Your Clean-Up
Chapter 9- Creating Order out of Chaos

Section IV - Working With Your Database

Chapter 10- Getting The Information You Want
Chapter 11 - Marketing, Business Development and Customer Service Campaigns
Chapter 12 - Why You Must Do an Online Newsletter
Chapter 13 - Ideas

Section V – Appendices

1. Outlook 2002 Versus Outlook Express
2. Goldmine Versus Act Comparison
3. 8 More Great Excel Tips
4. Terminology To Know

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Buy Managing Your Customer Information by Debbie Mayo-Smith Now!

Testimonials - Superb Tips and Tricks For Managing Your Customer Information

New Zealand Institute of Management; Craig Marsh; Manager Membership Services
"Debbie has done it once again - First was the 'Successful Email Marketing' book and just when I thought it couldn't get any better; Debbie releases 'Customer Information' and 'Email Newsletters'.

Both books are brilliant in their simplicity and easy-to-understand style. The step-by-step instructions make these the ultimate reference guide. NZIM staff at all levels have found both books invaluable in creating membership newsletters and assisting with our Email Marketing. Debbie, thanks so very much!"

EVP Recruitment; Lesley Potts
"I really enjoy the useful tips and tricks you put in your newsletter. Whenever I read them, I realise there is so much I don't know about my software. Your tips are written in an easy to follow format and I appreciate that.

I also enjoyed the e-book that I bought from you - Managing Your Customer Information. I am looking forward to the print version so that I can work my way through it and use the information I learned to save time (and money).

JBA Finance Solutions Pty Ltd; Kerry Mason; Office Manager
"Your wonderful newsletter is received by our Director, Senior Mortgage Consultant and Office Manager.(me)

I am now passing it on to our new trainee receptionist and yesterday I emailed it to my sister in Darwin to utilise in their business.

I just happened to have my husbands credit card on me yesterday when I read the latest newsletter and could not help but immediately buy 2 e-books - How to create an Email Newsletter & Managing Your Customer Information.

Both topics are on my hit list for March and reading through the manuals last night - you make it sound so easy and logical.

Also I was so pleased that 10 minutes after I ordered online, I received the address to download the ebooks. I didn't even have to get out of my chair.

Keep up the great newsletters and conferences. I hope to attend in Brisbane one day."

Suits to Suit; Clare Maxfield
"After hearing you speak at a breakfast in Melbourne I promptly bought your book and I am still using it to improve my email and my computer skills.

Imagine my surprise when my data program designer had the same book on his shelf that he was raving about. Your knowledge, your book and your newsletters appeal to those with no knowledge, like me, to those that I kindly refer to computer geeks.
I have just purchased your newest e-book to get my latest version of office working to its maximum capacity. I find your newsletters full of really interesting material and often find myself running around within your site to see what else I may have missed. Fantastic work Debbie."

Astech Solutions; Sue Stevens
" I did enjoy the book very much. Superb Tips and Tricks contains many practical, common-sense tips for database management and planning that I am still referring to and implementing in the building of our customer management database. The Excel tips, in particular, are very easy to follow and gave me, an avid Excel user for many, many years, new tricks to try and to expand upon. Thank you!"

Importers of Roofing & Cladding Materials; Virginia Thompson
"I found the e-book very helpful and exciting and have learnt some very valuable tools that I am now applying to our growing business."

Hot Shot Sports Equipment; Marcia
"The e-book purchased was one of the best investments we have made. It is clear, easy to understand, and a wealth of information."

Blue South LTD, Peter Robinson
" I found the books to clear, concise, packed with useful information and simply inspirational. We are now on course for beginning our own E mail marketing campaign the correct way."

SU Soft ASA; Are Stegane; Marketing Manager
"Your books look great. I like the layout and your way of presenting the content."

Better Business Marketing Limited; Greg Reynolds
"If you are serious about growing your business, then you can't go past Debbie's book or attending one of her seminars. Real practical advice that anyone can implement in their business"

Southern Promotions Neil Bennett, Manager,Christchurch
"I have now had all three of Debbie’s books on email marketing and find them very easy to read and understand as she explains it in plain language. These books have been a valuable asset to me. I have also attended one of Debbie’s seminars and enjoy her relaxed way of getting her message across."

The McKibbins Group LTD; Annelise Carter; Administration/Marketing
The e-book is fantastic! Love how there is step-by-step processes in place so that it is easy to follow. We are using the book to sort out our marketing base, we already have a database in place and we are wanting to do some more targeted marketing, so the information in this e-book has been beneficial to us in helping us pull the information out that we want and also learning how to use Excel to its best. Thanks heaps Debbie!!

UK Pension Transfer Specialists; Nick Powell
"A fantastic read- Debbie has a way of sweeping jargon aside and illustrating with real life examples. This is clearly a book written by someone who has worked at the coalface in sales and marketing not just some computer boffin."

Blue Pacific Quality Apartments; Jackie Thompson; ManagerI have found this book immensely valuable. I have now updated the way I deliver my newsletters and the tips throughout the book have saved huge amounts of time and energy. Thank you so much.

Castle Hill Furniture Company LTD; Trish Greenwood

I am always pleased to read Debbie’s books and newsletters as they are full of very useful information. Debbie’s latest book “Superb Tips and Tricks” is no exception - easy to read, understand and full of very useful information. I thoroughly recommend it.

ABACUS Bookkeeping Services LTD; Fran Hazid.
Debbie Mayo-Smith has the ability to make her books easy to read and interesting, at the same time communicating huge amounts of information in an easily understood form. As with Debbie's previous book 'Successful Email Marketing' her new book 'Superb Tips and Tricks' is destined to become my next 'most read book'.

Plastics Org; Debbie Fielder
"Its not Rocket why didn't I think about that before...?"

Owen Hodge Lawyers Renée Hall
I have to say that every contact I have made with Debbie and her company has been FANTASTIC. I have several e-books including How-to Create an Email Newsletter and Super Tips and Tricks for Managing your Customer Information. The information that I have gleaned from these publications as well as attendance at a one day workshop held in Sydney has been awesome. I have become a computer guru. The types of marketing and communication campaigns I have implemented have been A1. I can’t thank you enough. The information is interesting, relevant, practical and very useful. A template I was working on had a slight hitch – I emailed it through to Debbie’s email address and had the answer I needed that afternoon – talk about service! I really am ecstatic about my new found knowledge. Keep up the sensational work.

Enhance Partners Limited; Rachael Corcoran; Managing Director
" I would like to thank you for the invaluable information contained in ‘Superb Tips & Tricks for Managing your Customer Information’. We are a service industry operating mainly in the corporate market. As such our image and marketing need to be of a very high standard.

The information contained in the book has allowed us to turn our database into a marketing machine. It has helped us create order out of a multitude of information so client information is at our fingertips (there is a lot to be said for working smarter rather than harder!).

The instructions (or how to’s) – also invite (or force) you to sit down and think ahead – again, invaluable in a service based industry. Thanks again, I do believe we are now more ‘customer focussed’ due to the tips we have applied to our business from this book."

Carol Johnson;
Even though I have been in business for a few years now, I am relatively new to the concept of on-line marketing and computer generated data bases in general. And being a 50 something self-taught computer user I need all the help I can get! The books proved invaluable and full of great information, I have learnt a lot and now I am putting it all into practice. Early days yet but positive results are starting to happen.

Ultra Cars; Peter van Vroonhoven; General Manager
As the General Manager of a Used Car Dealership, and having only been with the company for a few weeks, I wanted to introduce a new, effective & cost efficient means of communicating with all our potential & actual customers. Having already been converted to the Email Marketing concept by reading Debbie's previous book, "Successful Email Marketing", I was looking for more tools on how to actually harvest, manage & manipulate the customer data available to me.
"Superb Tips & Tricks for Managing your Customer Information" has proven to be an excellent investment, with the Dealership about to embark an a major initiative largely based around the tools provided in Debbie's book. Thanks Debbie.

Mechanical Plating Pty LTD; Gillian Callcott; I loved the e-book and couldn't wait to download it!
The book is a great common sense approach to looking after your contacts, while using software that most companies already have. We all need to reevaluate our procedures from time to time and this book will certainly keep you on track.

Principal Edge Financial Services; Harvey James
I found Superb Tips & Tricks to be very easy to read, understand and put in practice. Its revolutionised our thinking on how we approach our clients and how we manage those contacts.
The passion for excellence and enthusiasm I get from your newsletter, along with all the helpful tips, are both energising and motivating. Keep up the good work.

Austco Communications LTD; Allan Horner
You guys do this so well!

Having read "SUCCESSFUL EMAIL MARKETING" last year, I found Debbie's latest works "How to Create an Email Newsletter" and "Superb Tips & Tricks" contained very worthwhile additional information. The Trilogy is complete!

Superb Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Customer Information
Print $40.00, and sent via airmail for free
E-book $20.00.
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Hot Shot Sports Equipment; Marcia
"The e-book purchased was one of the best investments we have made. It is clear, easy to understand, and a wealth of information."

Stoney Creek; Paul Southworth;Webmaster
"The information in your Superb e-book was solid and well worth the money spent. I would say to anyone building a database who does not have a degree in database creation "get it, read it" you'll get the $40 back in the first 10 minutes just in saved time."