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101 Quick Tips:
Email and Google

(available in paperback or e-book)

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101 Quick Tips Email and Google
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Francie Reed; Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer Hawkes Bay District Health Board
"101 Quick Tips for Email and Google" is a small book that contains a huge amount of helpful information to assist users of Email and Google programmes to their full potential. The information contained within this book is invaluable, the clear layout and presentation makes it easy to follow, the language is very user friendly and the extra bonus tips provide further short cut secrets.

I manage four personal email folders each and every day and wholeheartedly endorse the user tips provided by Debbie. I have been using many of them for some time now, but the book has helped me refocus on some tips that I have not been using as much as I could, and prompted me to revise the way I use the email functions. In particular, this includes the use of Rules and Tasks, both of which I have not been using to any great extent. This book, however, has highlighted the advantages these functions can provide and I will certainly be making more use of them in future thanks to Debbie's helpful step by step directions.
I have no hesitation in recommending this book to everyone who has access to Outlook as an invaluable operating guide to the many functions of Email and Google."

Dave Freeman; Norsewear
Your 101 Quick Tips e-mail and Google booklet has proven to be one of the best investments I have made in a business book.

Its so practical and easy to follow that it should be a must read before anyone starts using Outlook. I had always procrastinated about wanting to get smarter about how I use e-mail and this was the tool that changed that. It has saved me so much time by filtering out unwanted e-mails and automatically filing e-mails into appropriate folders, Its like having a part time p.a. to screen your e-mail.

I particularly like the clever idea of using tasks to help build relationships in a disciplined and easy to use manner. Bring on the next Debbie Smith 101 book for excel and word I say!

John Ray: Managing Director Stevenson Group
"It’s a genuinely useful productivity tool for one of the big problems in our business. The guys have it sitting around their keyboards. It’s unusual to find something so universally well received by staff like this book has been."

Anne Mace Special Needs Coaching
" I sent a copy of Email and Google to our oldest daughter who is much more computer literate than I am. I have just had an ecstatic email from her talking about all the things which she can now make her computer do, which she didn’t know about before she got your tips book. So even the young and efficient can learn from your tips, while the less young and the less efficient (me!) are learning all the time, and installing new things bit by bit as I go along. 

Julie Woods; Dimond; CSR Team Leader Northern
I have a team of 9 staff and bought this book primarily to help them sort and prioritise their emails (we get inundated on a daily basis)  For my team it was all about the email quick tips - setting up rules, many other quick tips on tasks and keyboard shortcuts to ease the time spent on emails - certainly I get answers from them a lot more quickly now they have sorted their inboxes and folders.
i would say it has saved my team a couple of hours a week and probably for me as well as I am not now chasing all the time for answeres and responses.  A great book and I would definitely recommend it and in fact have to my colleagues around the country - my copy is in hot demand all the time.

Alison Hunt; Snap Printing

Being computer literate and using emails constantly I was fairly sure that whilst I knew enough about emails to cover most mundane processes, I had not taken the time to study some of the short cuts that I knew must exist.

I have experienced several of Debbie’s workshops in the past and knew what a talent she had for saving time, so when I discovered that she had written “101 Quick Tips” for email and google, I didn’t hesitate to purchase a copy.

It would be impossible to estimate how much time this little book has saved me, but suffice it to say that it is an easy read, full of excellent pointers. I initially bought the book to read through before giving it as a gift to a fellow worker – but it hasn’t left my clutches yet!

There were several favourite tips but my absolute favourite was number 77 “I Can’t Find That Email I Received.” What a boon that is for someone with a poor memory.

I personally put the book to use by reading it a chapter at a time and then practising it at home first. If I find the tip worthwhile I take the tip with me to work. I am still working my way through some of the more complex areas addressing such issues as “Categories” but am sure that in time, these too, will become mysteries of the past!

I think this book should be on the shelves of all busy people – life is too short to spend it behind a computer screen.

Thank you giving me back some precious time Debbie.”

Marion Sawyers; Business Support HR Exec.; ENTERPRISE SECURITY SOLUTIONS
Once again you have done it. I have been reading your latest book from cover to cover. Mind blowing information. This is now going to be my bible at work and I have already recommended to several other. My Husband knows nothing about email or google, but he still read it and recognised its worth.

Tops to you again, it makes me look forward to whatever you have instore for us in the future. I so far have all your books and would not be without any of them. Your seminars are great too. Your enthuiasm is so contagious. Keep up the good work, we all need you.


Table of Contents

Program wide

1. Which Should I Use Outlook Or Outlook Express?
2. Any Tricks For More Comfortable Reading On My Computer?
3. Any Tricks To Quickly Attach A File To An Email?
4. How Can I Move details From An Email?
5. What Is The Shortcut To Create New Items?
6. What Is There A Quick Way To Move Or Copy Items?
7. Am I Safe When I Delete An Email?
8. Is There A Quick Way To Get To My Folders?
9. My Mouse Bugs Me. Do I Have An Alternative?
10. Are There Shortcuts To Move Between Folders?
11. Common Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know And Love


12. What's The Secret For Coping With So Many Emails?
13. Oops! I Forgot The Attachment. Can I Do Anything?
14. How Will I Know Rules Are Working?
15. Can I Answer Emails When I'm Away From Home Or Office?
16. Any Suggestions For Dealing With All My CC's?
17. I Get Irrelevant Emails. Can I Do Anything?
18. How Can I Be Sure Website Enquiries Don't Slip By?
19. How Can I Track Staff Handling Of Web Enquiries?
20. Our PA Forwards Emails To Staff. Can We Improve On This?

Junk Mail

21. Help Me!!! I'm Fed Up With Junk Mail
22. I Have Outlook 2003 And Way Too Much Spam Is Getting Into My Inbox
23. Junk Mail Is Varied And Still Getting Through
24. Spam Is Still Getting Through
25. Can I Quickly Create A Rule Based On Spam I Just Received?


26. How Do I Keep My Email Recipients Secret?
27. How Do I Speed Up Outlook?
28. I Can't Find Where My Archives Are Stored
29. Must I Archive Everything?
30. How Do I Make Special Emails Stand Out?
31. Any Shortcuts To Repetitively Typing My Contact Details On Emails I Send?
32. Is There Any Way To Be More Specific When Looking For Emails?
33. How Can I Tell If Someone Read My Email?
34. Is There Any Way I Can Ban Receiving Large Files?
35. How Do I Speed Up Reading My Emails?
36. Do People Think It's You Sending That Email?
37. Is There A Shortcut To Reply To An Email?
38. Where Does Outlook Store All The Data?
39. How Can I Check My Spelling?
40. Is There A Shortcut To Quickly Forward The Email I'm Reading?
41. Can Everyone Receive The Colourfull Emails I Send?
42. I Have So Many Folders. Can I Arrange Them Differently?
43. How Is Reply Different To Reply To All?
44. How Do I Move Email Addresses From Excel To An Email?
45. Can I Be More Organised In My Inbox?
46. What Are Search Folders? (Office 2003)


47. Is There Any Way To Remember To Follow Up?
48. Should I Use Tasks Or Flags?
49. How Do I Accept Or Decline A Task?
50. Can I Create A Task From An Email?
51. Can I Easily Turn A Task Into An Email?
52. How Can I Make Sure I Get An Answer?
53. How Can I Use Tasks To Stay In Touch?
54. What Can I Do On A Task?
55. How To Get Those Reports Back To You On Time
56. How To Always Remember Important Events And Occasions
57. How To Be Sure Your Christmas Is A Success


58. Are Contacts Simply An Address Book?
59. How Do I Create A New Category?
60. How Do I Apply Categories To Lots Of Contacts At Once?
61. Can I Do A Personalised Email/Mail Merge With My Contacts?
62. Merging To Email - Outlook Only?
63. Do I Need To Use This New Business Contact Manager?
64. What If My Contact Has More Than One Email Address?
65. Can I Create My Own Unique Contact Field?
66. Can I Have Different Information Display?
67. Can I Group My Contacts Differently?
68. How Do I Send My Contact Details?
69. How Do I Quickly Create A New Contact From An Email?
70. Can I Print My Contacts?
71. How Do I Create & Print A List Of Names And Email Addresses From My Contacts?
72. Must I Have Last Names Displayed First?
73. Help! My Address Book Stopped Working!
74. Is There A Quick Way To Create A New Contact From The Same Company?
75. I Have So Many Contacts!!! Is There A Trick Going Through Them?
76. Are There Any Contact Shortcuts I Should Know About?
77. When I Start Typing An Email Address - Why Does It Fill In?
78. I Can't Find That Email I Received From….


79. Why Would I Use Calendar If I Don't Work Or Have Meetings?
80. Can I Change My Meeting Prompts?
81. How Can I Make Important Meetings Stand Out?
82. Can I Print A Blank Calendar?
83. Can I View Non-Adjacent Days In My Calendar?
84. Is There Any Way To Have My Calendar And Inbox Showing?
85. How Do I Change The Look Of My Calendar?
86. Will Calendar Recognise Tomorrow?
87. Can I Number The Weeks In Calendar?
88. How do I Quickly Change An Appointment Time?
89. How Do I Schedule A Meeting With Someone In Another Time Zone?
90. Can I Use My Email Signature In Meeting Requests?
91. Great Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Google And The Internet

92. Egads. What Are My Kids Looking At On The Internet?
93. There's So Many Search Engines. Which Should I Use?
94. How Does Google Rank Which Website To Show First
95. Know Any Google Tricks?
96. Google Trick Two
97. I Need A Graphic To Print
98. Your Top Website Problem
99. What Else does Google Offer?
100. Is There A Good Mapping Service On The Internet?
101. Help! I Waste So Much Time Looking For Files.

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