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When you want the very best speaker to inspire, motivate and show how to get more done in less time, easily grow sales and customer value add; then you must have Debbie Mayo-Smith. Queen of Productivity. Everyone will keep saying 'wow!' every few moments.

From Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to Sydney, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Adeliade and the Gold Coast; to New York London and Paris as well as all points inbetween, Debbie will delight your group.

Look at these testimonials

Paul Nielsen; Managing Director; Hometech (Solatube) “I’ve been hiring speakers for over 17 years now and your presentation is the very best one we’ve had”

Linda Agnew; Pakurang & Howick Realty
"Debbie, your presentation was fantastic. I’ve listened to lots of other speakers, some at real estate conferences and others at motivational speaker events. Your session was so different to those. Whilst some of those can inspire, they can often be somewhat vague, fluffy and lacking in down to earth advice and suggestions . You gave us practical , useful how-to’s to implement immediately. Your approach was straight –forward , engaging and extremely helpful, it was a pleasure to see how much everyone else interacted with you and enjoyed the session.  We all learnt a lot and came away with tips and advice that we can use immediately in our business."

Gretchen Irvine, Project Officer – Conference and Events; Palliative Care Australia
Wow – you may have just changed my life! I shared your tips with the office and they are all incredibly impressed.

Melanie Keenan,
Defining Events
I thought your session was a real breath of fresh air, not only the topic itself, but your lovely warm presentation style and depth of knowledge kept me engaged right till the end.

Jacqui Timmins, Exhibition Director, AIME & CIBTM

“On behalf of AIME I wanted to personally thank you for speaking at AIME Knowledge in Tiny Tweaks – Great Gains. The feedback of your session has been fantastic, with our attendees rating you 4.9 out of 5 as a speaker in the post seminar survey!”

How Can Debbie Help You?

Video Testimonial from Childcare Qld Conference - social media session 500+ delegates

Valerie Bell; P/A to Chief Executive and Mayor; Clutha District Council
 “Although I am of an age that I cannot remember something that happened 5 minutes ago let alone 7 months, your workshop, enthusiastic presentation and vast knowledge made a lasting impression. Many thanks again for your helpful session and advice – much enjoyed.”

Susan Anderson, Insurance Adviser, Preferred NZ
“I find your tips incredibly helpful, informative and easy to follow.  You are my go to guru.

Pauline  Evans, Leading Property Managers NZ
“My two colleagues who attended conference and I were just discussing a strategy to put in place to overview the conference and of course you are on our list. Since returning from conference we have been browsing through your books and finding interesting points, they are well written and full of great tips”

Marise Tempero, Property Manager
Really enjoyed your sessions – learnt so much.  You were an awesome speaker and a real pleasure to listen to.

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10 Reasons To Engage Debbie Mayo-Smith


    International motivational speaker Debbie Mayo-Smith in Auckland.

    International motivational speaker Debbie Mayo-Smith in Auckland.

  1. Spot on Relevance. Tremendous Value. Great ROIt
    There isn’t a person today that wouldn’t like more free time. To be more productive. Free up time. Grow business income. Communicate better. Debbie will show your delegates how to make small FREASY (free and easy) changes to how they use their business tools in hand - Email, Software, smartphones, Internet, social media to do just that – solve their pain points and create massive gains in productivity, income, time management, communication, customer service. Cheaply and easily..
  2. Memorable and Enjoyable
    Debbie will have every single person saying ‘wow I didn’t know that’ every few moments. In fact she is often rated the number one speaker and most enjoyable at the conferences she works with.

  3. In-Depth Research
    You deserve the best possible presentation. So Debbie does detailed fact finding, interviews, visits. She’ll review your software and technology, looking for features everyone can benefit from.
  4. Customised Presentation
    Only after the research will Debbie craft the presentation (from your perspective) focusing on specific problems.

  5. Free Online Survey Of Attendees
    Used to help customise Debbie’s work. You can add any questions you like and you’ll also receive an Executive Summary Report along with an Excel Spreadsheet of all responses.
  6. During:
    Debbie Mayon- SMmith Motivational Speaker Benefits

  7. Your Staff (and Clients) Will Love You
    For bringing Debbie to them. She’s well known, trusted,
    motivating, entertaining, experienced and practical. Debbie is also one of the top 7% of speakers worldwide as well as one of most in-demand speakers in Australasia, media columnist and No#1 bestselling author of 16 books


  9. Free One Year Consultation For Staff Attending Conference
    Debbie is available by phone or email to answer any questions, solve problems and run ideas by for a 12 month period after the presentation. It’s also proactive with Debbie contacting them on a regular basis.
  10. Proactive
    Debbie will also contact all attendees that have given her their email address for quarterly communiqués to ensure they’re implementing the ideas from the presentation.
  11. Free Continuing Education
    Each participant will receive a free subscription to a monthly business quick tip newsletter so the learning continues indefinitely!
  12. Great Practical Business Outcomes
    Easy to implement ideas that get great results at little or no cost.


    Video Testimonial from Ingenium Conference (11 seconds)

    Mother of six including twins and triplets, you can certainly call Debbie  the Time Management and Productivity Queen!

    Mother of six including twins and triplets, you can certainly call Debbie the Time Management and Productivity Queen!

Listen to a quick tip here.
You'll always have great return on investment with Debbie's time management, productivity and database marketing presentations.
Read the queen of productivity article.

Recent Comments on Debbie as a Motivational Speaker

Mike Southcombe, Managing Director, Travel Managers
After a recommendation from a group of our top achieving Travel Brokers I consulted with Debbie Mayo-Smith about presenting at our national conference. I found Debbie thoroughly engaging and a great listener so we contracted her for a half day presentation. In the months leading up to our conference we established the key drivers for her presentation, she also spoke and surveyed brokers to learn more about how they operate which proved an invaluable part of the process.
It has always been challenging coming up with presentations that not only provide real value but also motivates people to improve. The work Debbie put into gaining that all important knowledge both of our business and our travel brokers really paid off. What was delivered certainly hit all the right marks and the feedback from our brokers was overwhelmingly positive. 
Debbie kept everyone enthralled for the duration of her presentation and joined in with events post her presentation, making herself available to everyone which they certainly took full advantage of. Her engaging style not only made her very approachable but also helped get everyone fully involved throughout the presentation.
Our focus was very much around ensuring that people came away from the conference having picked up useful techniques and tips both from a marketing and a technology perspective, we’re 100% confident this aim was achieved.
We are continuing to use Debbie’s services post conference to further reinforce what was discussed. This will be in the form of both online videos and Febinars over a 12 week period.
I highly recommend Debbie as her professionalism and knowledge guarantees any future presentation will achieve the same levels of success that ours did. 

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Andrew Gardner; Investors Edge

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Arthur; Perth Australia
"By the way, I’m a businessman and  I really like your books. I first came across your book “Marketing in today’s wired world” in Auckland airport last month and have been reading it avidly ever since. What I like is that they are simple to read and easy to understand and that means that I don’t mind reading them (haven’t wasted my money), saves me time (i.e. you put things within my limited electronic grasp without giving me a headache!) and I believe your material is excellent value for money. Also, very impressed with your service. Looking forward to reading the next lot!"

Simon Dallow; TV Presenter
“Debbie is a motivational whirlwind, with great strategies to make the most of your life. No surprise Debbie is called the Queen of Productivity.”

Russell Good; Managing Director; Goodlife Ins.Brokers
“I would be a millionaire if I heard you years ago”

Gary Young; Chief Executive; IBANZ Inc
“You have come out tops in our survey of delegates at our conference rating as the best workshop presenter. No doubt your enthusiasm and great subject knowledge give your seminars that edge to make them stand out for delegates.”

Darryl Hawke; Insurance Facilitators
“Your presentation was the best 2½ hours of training I have done in 20 years. I could have added a week to my life alone over this period had I just known one of your tips!”

Will Allan; conference attendee
“Debbie, I heard you speak in Christchurch nearly two years ago. It was a life changing experience that really got me motivated to do the best I could in my job. Your seminar inspired, enlightened and motivated me.”