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"Motivational Speaker & Trainer Technology, Time Management, Sales, Marketing, Work Life Balance, Productivity, Social Media"

Rated No#1
Do you want your audience to say ‘wow’ every few moments? Do you think they'd enjoy easy, practical immediate solutions to their everyday problems? Then you must have Debbie. She is often rated the number one speaker and most enjoyable at the conferences she works with.

motivational presentations debbie mayo-smithYour group will love her!
Debbie is well known for not only motivating; but showing how you get more done in less time, as well as how to communicate better and grow income.

Icing on your cake
To cap it off, the learning centres around simply how to use your everyday technology tools better - software, smartphones and tablets, social media, the Internet, email.

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Motivational ‘How-to’ Speech Topics

Presentations & Training
Topics in General. Content and out comes will be decided with organisers.

  • Smarter. Faster. Cheaper. Better. – A wonderful cornucopia of technology how-to’s and tips covering software, cloud, internet, smartphones, The result is actionable take homes on personally how to get more done in less time; speed business processes; grow income and delight clients – all from making simple little tweaks.

  • More Income. More Time. Delighted Customers - A three ingredient blueprint of small freasy (free and easy) tweaks  on how to grow income, be much more productive and improve customer service

  • Conquer Your Email OverloadEase your email pain and enhance your gain in communication and relationship management.

  • Live the Life You Love- Work life balance how-to’s from a business owning mom of six including twins and triplets.

  • Earn More from Your Clients - Cheap, easy, clever database marketing strategies

  • Social Media: The Good, Bad & Ugly- Getting the best return on investment for your time.

  • How to Get New Business from LinkedIn – how you get results from this business social network.

  • Effective Communication - How to be more memorable and persuasive

  • Winning PowerPoints. Presentations. Conversations. Learn how to craft communications to achieve your goals

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10 Reasons Why You Must Engage Debbie Mayo-Smith



  1. Superb Return On Investment
    If only a few of Debbie’s ideas are implemented, each person can free up at least two working weeks a year. Turnover will increase dramatically from new business and reduced operating costs.

  2. In-Depth Research
    You deserve the best possible presentation. So Debbie does detailed fact finding, interviews, visits. She’ll review your software and technology, looking for features everyone can benefit from.

  3. Customised Presentation
    Only after the research will Debbie craft the presentation (from your perspective) focusing on specific problems.

  4. Free Online Survey Of Attendees
    Used to help customise Debbie’s work. You can add any questions you like and you’ll also receive an Executive Summary Report along with an Excel Spreadsheet of all responses.
  5. During:

  6. Free Sponsor/Exhibitor Workshop at Conference
    Debbie will run a free early morning workshop for your exhibitors helping them to get the best return on investment from exhibiting.

  7. Your Staff (and Clients) Will Love You
    For bringing Debbie to them. She’s well known, trusted, entertaining, experienced and practical. Debbie is also one of the most sought after speakers in Australasia; one of only 7 Certified Speaking Professionals in NZ, 35 in Australia; a media columnist and No#1 bestselling author of 16 books.


  8. Free One Year Consultation For Staff Attending Conference
    Debbie is available by phone or email to answer any questions, solve problems and run ideas by for a 12 month period after the presentation. It’s also proactive with Debbie contacting them on a regular basis.
  9. Proactive
    Debbie will also contact all attendees that have given her their email address for quarterly communiqués to ensure they’re implementing the ideas from the presentation.

  10. Free Continuing Education
    Each participant will receive a free subscription to a monthly business quick tip newsletter so the learning continues indefinitely!

  11. Great Practical Business Outcomes
    Easy to implement ideas that get great results at little or no cost.

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Paul Dennison, Business Unit Leader Packaged Goods & Export, CHEP
"Thank you for your email productivity presentation and workshop at our Training & Development Workshop last week.  Everybody really enjoyed it and you gave us exactly what we were looking for.  We all really appreciate the investment in time you took beforehand to prepare and have CHEP examples to work on and talk our language.  This made the session feel like you were part of our team and you really cared so thank you once again."

Alan Vink, Raglan Chamber of Commerce
"Your presentation was superb. I especially appreciated the manner in which you spoke. You have a very engaging style and your content is outstanding. Real value for your buck! The feedback I have heard has been very positive."