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Vol 17 No# 151  -29 May 2018

1. TouchRetouch App
Want to remove a family portait off the wall in a real estate ad? How about remove a car or telephone lines from a holiday photo? Remove a blemish or two or a few stray hairs? Then you must get THE MOST AMAZING app – TouchRetouch. Available for Apple iTunes ($1.99) or Android Google Playstore ($2.99) Here’s a 30 second video of it in action

2. Fantastic (Hidden) Outlook Tip – Colour Your Emails
Conditional Formatting!!!! A game changer and completely hidden. You can set rules (conditions) that will automatically colour any of the items in your Outlook program: Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. You set the condition (word; email address; from or to plus there’s more advanced choices) and select the font, colour and size for it to change to. For example I have emails that contain the word training automatically turn green, Air NZ flights are navy blue in my calendar and anything that says speaking engagement is red.
You’ll find Conditional Formatting in Outlook in the View Menu > Change View >Conditional Formatting.

3. Quick Hack
Use a hanging shoe rack (the long one with see-through plastic sleeves) in your laundry room to store cleaning supplies. Nice, neat and keeps poisons away from small children.

4. Just Say No 
Why not say no to straws; or buy a reusable straw made from bamboo, stainless steel, glass, and silicone. Ditto goes for utensils.

If you don’t want to use cloth bags and totes for your fruit and veggies and shopping bags; for a small investment you can buy bags that are either degradable or compostable. A $20 - $30 investment gives you your own environmentally friendly large supply to bring with you, reuse and then dispose. Even if you don’t compost, they will degrade in land fill as they’re made with cornstarch. Have a look here Ecobags

5. A Healthier, Happier More Productive You Workshop
Bring this workshop to your office. Staff will love the dual focus of improving office productivity as well as health and wellbeing. Julie Biuso, one of New Zealand’s best known and most respected culinary personalities will educate about healthy and economical eating and cooking as well as entertain with stories of cooking for celebrities, I’ll cover how to get much more done in less time as well as communicate better.
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