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Vol 17 No#150 14 May 2018


1. Gmail? Labels and Colours Make It Alive
Labels help you sort and categorise emails (like Outlook Folders). Simply click on an email and click on Labels in the top ribbon of options above the messages.

To add colour to the folder (and all the emails within that label) simply mouse over the label and you’ll find three dots. Click them and one of the options is Label colour.

2. Two Easy Office Economy & Recycling Tips

  • Set all printer defaults to double sided. This will halve paper consumption
  • Invest in good bins and labelling. Then removed individual employee bins

3. MS Office Ribbon Tip
If you’re on a laptop, you’ll find the ribbon takes up a lot of space. By double clicking quickly on the Home Ribbon Tab name it will either open or collapse the Ribbon.

4. Bull Clips
How many times do your cables – phone, tablet, laptop fall off your desk? Use them to keep your cords clipped onto the edge of the desk and off the floor.

5. Debbie’s top productivity sales tip
We all have a ‘To Do’ list. Most maintain it mentally. Some write down a list, or have 17 scattered and half crossed out lists. You might use your software calendar to prompt you, but this is a bad place to do so. The calendar is built for appointments and meetings only. Reminders make you look unnaturally busy.

Only a minority use their Software’s Task function. But even then, it is only used as a short-term reminder system. Look at Tasks another way. For long term persistency and tenacity.

Most people in business are interested only in nurturing prospects that will do business with them instantly.  If someone is not ready to do business with you when you first meet, send out a proposal – do you forget about them, moving on to the next prospect?

This is where Tasks can make you a sales superstar. Helping you to remember to stay in touch, to follow up – every few months, every year. Until they are ready to do business with you.

Once you create a Task, on the appointed day at the appointed time you’ll be reminded the Task is due. You can also set a recurring task or assign a task.

How can you use Tasks to raise the bar of your business performance?

To follow up:

  • When a client will need your services again.
  • On current quotes, proposals, emails you sent that have remained unanswered; on the longer term following up on business that didn’t eventuate.
  • On customer service problems (especially if they are not expecting a future call/contact)


  • Staff when reports, items are due
  • Yourself to renew – such as domain names, licensing, contracts
  • Use recurring Tasks to remember to call important clients every 12 weeks or so.

With Staff

  • Project management – including assigning Tasks to staff
  • Following on from meetings- Task action items to the people who are responsible for them

6. Where’s Debbie
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