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Lyn Meiklejohn; CEO; Meiklejohns Accountants (Qld) Pty Ltd
“The material on effective studying you sent in your newsletter is truly fabulous. I am going to apply it to our new trainees here at the office.  It fits just as well I believe. I will let you know how I go”.; David Berkowitz Director of Marketing (formerly Editor eMarketer)
This is truly a phenomenal newsletter. I love your contest setup, along with many of your other tips and tricks. Great stuff. David

Carol Wall; Rainbow Solutions
Hi Debbie 'magic inbox" is music to my ears ... I had to just do it straight after reading your newsletter. This area has long been a frustration - can't wait for my mail to be pre sorted so I can focus on what is the most important at that time and check out the friendly / admin messages later. Thank you so much

Heritage Hotel Nicole Hicks; Marketing Executive
"The Google tips were very useful. I didn't realise you could find out who linked to your website like that."

Canning & Associates Limited Bridget Canning; IT Advisor
"I find your newsletter interesting and have already printed it out and circulated it amongst the staff here and know they will

Auckland home for Debbie and the SIS team

Where Debbie's based in Auckland New Zealand

find the tips very helpful in their own work. Keep up the good work and look forward to the tips in the next newsletter!"

Institute of Public Administration Australia NSW Division; Craig Boaden; Communication and Knowledge Manager
"I find your newsletter to be well designed: it's easy to get to the relevant articles and you don't waste time trawling through the irrelevant. Recommenced if you want to know how to improve your e-marketing."

Integratec; Sue Hamparsum
" I love getting your monthly emails, always got some interesting tips and hints on how to do e-marketing more efficiently and effectively as well as how to use Microsoft Office programs better. I print each newsletter out and keep in a file for future reference. Keep them coming."

Scrapbooker & co; Brad Kapma
"I always look forward to reading your emails. I find them very usefull and extremely practical, in particular I like the way you explain things step by step in a very clear manner. And the information you supply is actually usefull!"

Sojourney Travel Magazine; Di Maxwell; Editor
"Based in Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, it has not been easy to get to one of your courses, although I was privileged to hear you speak at Whangarei once.

I compromised by subscribing to your email newsletter, which has taken me from rank-novice to relatively comfortable about compiling our own monthly travel newsletter in email format. I also find your business tips and how-to ’s extremely valuable, and sometimes wonder how I got on before. Many of our newsletter subscribers join via our website,, which by the way Debbie, is where you can find some great last minute deals for accommodation all around the world.

I also purchased your book, and find it a great reference tool – it is one of the most used books in my office. So, congratulations on a job well done.
I look forward to being a dedicated subscriber for many years to come – and who knows, I may get to one of your courses yet!"; Faye Partridge
"I always find your newsletters most helpful and informative. In fact it stops me in my work when the e-mail comes through and I just have to read it there and then!! You amaze me with your energy and the way you explain things in everyday language - keep up the good work."

Mortgage Australia; Nicholas Barr
"Debbie, I read your newsletter straight away and immediately forwarded it to my PA to make sure she is up to date with latest hints / tips. Small, practical hints certainly save a huge amount of time over the year."; Warwick Hojim;
"As an original subscriber, I still read all your newsletters, do get valuable tips from them and have enjoyed attending two of your presentations hosted by the Chamber."

Perfecting my presentation at Hayman Island

At work in Hayman Island at Schwarzkopf Conference

Simple; Christopher Hire; Principal

"Well done! We do find your newsletter useful. We have an IT company, and you bring a fresh perspective to email marketing. As a marketing and IT background I appreciate your straightforward simple approach to ideas. Keeping the industry jargon-free and benefit-driven is to be applauded.
Keep it up!"

Maureen Clark
" I forwarded one to my "CEO" in the States, who tells me he has been up much of the night - reading it!"

Active Training
; John Mawdsley
" Thanks for this months newsletter. These software tips are awesome.
We will be soon enrolling to attend your seminar as we have great plans for email marketing for our business."

Alice Springs Aero Club; Ingrid Phillips; Chief Flying Instructor
" Thank you, Debbie, the newsletter as a follow up to the seminar is great. Many of the finer points using MS Office tend to get lost in the day to day business."I was thrilled to pick up from where secretary school had left off!

Samuel Marsden Collegiate School; Gillian M. Eadie; Principal
"Thank you, Debbie. I look forward to your newsletters and always find helpful and time-saving information in them. Keep these top tips coming as you are improving business efficiency everywhere they are implemented!"

AST Management Pty Ltd; Peter Sugg; Managing Director
"I always look forward to Debbie's newsletter because the information and tips are both helpful and practical, it is circulated to everyone in the office... well done!"

NZ Sports Industry Association; John Cornaga; CEO
"Debbie Mayo-Smith has captured a market who are trying to grapple and learn about e commerce, I am one of them. I have found her newsletters to be very helpful and educational and it has been great to receive a regular update on helpful hints and advice. I have attended a couple of Debbie's workshops which are delivered with passion and enthusiasm while her website is full of information about e marketing and other useful tips on e commerce. E commerce is a learning curve for most people and who better to educate you than Debbie Mayo-Smith, she comes highly recommended."

Palm Clinic; Dr John Barrett; Director
"Palm Clinic specialises in Appearance Medicine and treatment of varicose veins. We have a rapidly expanding business that needs to keep on top of new technology both for our treatments but equally importantly to communicate effectively with our rapidly expanding client base. I have attended Debbies email marketing course and have received her email newsletter for the last three years. The course itself was excellent and motivated us (plus gave us the skills) to start our own newsletter.
I have found Debbie's newsletters a constant source of useful tips."

Adrienne Cross
"Overall, I have gained some valuable tips from your newsletters and keep them all. As an older self-taught operator I am always interested to read what others have found to be helpful and your tips are written in a way even my computer illiterate brother can understand them. Well done!"

EuroTrust Marketing; Anette Hallstrom
"Dear Debbie, you don't know how much time I've used trying to delete duplicate e-mail addresses from my excel-database manually. I somehow knew that there had to be a way to delete them by using a function in excel - I just never knew how. Neither colleagues nor a teacher at an excel-course could help me. But you could! Thank you so very much for that great tip."

Sarhn McArthur Photography; Sarhn McArthur
"I knew it would be a great marketing and customer relation's concept to have a regular E-Newsletter for my business. I knew what I wanted it to do and how it will look but I had no idea how to build it. It was at this time that I purhcased from Successful Internet Strategies the book, 'Successful Email Marketing'. In this book I found everything I needed to know on how to design and build my own E-Newsletter. The success of my Photographic E-Newsletter 'Light Exposure', would still not be a reality without this book and the E-Newsletters I receive from Successful Internet Strategies. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for Debbie Mayo-Smith's business, Successful Internet Strategies."

Suits to Suit; Clare Maxfield
"After hearing you speak at a breakfast in Melbourne I promptly bought your book and I am still using it to improve my email and my computer skills.

Imagine my surprise when my data program designer had the same book on his shelf that he was raving about. Your knowledge, your book and your newsletters appeal to those with no knowledge, like me, to those that I kindly refer to computer geeks.
I have just purchased your newest e-book to get my latest version of office working to its maximum capacity. I find your newsletters full of really interesting material and often find myself running around within your site to see what else I may have missed. Fantastic work Debbie."

Trinity Hill Wines; Anthea
"You guys are hot-on-it! Full marks. You have inspired me to take up studies at the local EIT who are going to develop a course to answer the needs / skills (or lack of them!) of winery people like me, so we may be able to make full use of people like you!. Our latest newsletter is a breakthrough - no attachments!!!"

Total Quality Logistics; Barry Nolan
"I purchased your first emailing tips book and used much of the content to
produce an email newsletter with outstanding success.

Prior to instituting a newsletter, I was considering abandoning my consultancy business as it was so hard to get clients. I now get referrals from clients who have had my newsletter forwarded to them by regular readers."

Virtual Group Business Consultants; Bruce Holland
" I have forwarded you email to all of the Virtual Group consultants. I'm sure they will sign up if they find it as useful as me. I find your newsletters very useful and usually stop what I am doing to read them before filing them for record"

Professional Careers Australia; Chris Guy; Business Manager
"I look forward to receiving your newsletter, and find it interesting and full of useful information. The tips are circulated in our office and help in making all of us more efficient and effective at our jobs."

Rams Home Loans; Chris Lindsay
" Hi Debbie, I value your emails, I either put the ideas into practice or file them for reference later. My daughter has finished her secondary education and I've suggested that she subscribe to your business newsletter when she is in her new job because of its practical, common sense, relevant content."

The Grand Chateau Gareth Pearce; Sales & Marketing Manager
"Thanks for the excel tip! My inhouse mail database is now over 12,000 and I applied your formula and found duplicates even after going over it many times prior. It has definetly saved alot of time. It will be very useful when I add this years data!"

Precruitment; Gayleen Toll; Managing Director
"I have saved your newsletter as I always do. Love your tips and newsletters, we like to share them with our clients."

Harcourts Nelson; Paul Hedwig; Business Owner Harcourts Real Estate
"I am still basing all my internet strategies on advice that you have given so expertly over the years and are currently trialing your recommended software package, which seems to be working well."

The practical advice you give along with the useful links for further information is invaluable. Keep it up"

Marriage Celebrant; Julie Lassen
"Time is precious and in this busy world I find every day I receive a huge number of emails. I quickly scan them and spend time on those emails that bring me the greatest reward.

I rate Debbie Mayo-Smiths Successful Internet Strategies Business Newsletter as one of those that bring me a great reward. I always find something of value in the Newsletter that I can put to good use in my busy life."

Australian Unity; Colin Owens
"I would just like to say, I have found your Web page and in particular your newsletter of enormous value. Your short cuts and tips have saved valuable time and contributed to much greater efficiencies. Please keep-up your professional and expert approach to your business as it delivers great assistance."

Tailored Travel New Zealand Custom Tours; Robert Panzer; Managing Director
"Debbie's Newsletters are not only informative, up to date and easy to follow- most of all they are inspirational! They call for action. They prompt me to take action on the appropriate issues I put off. A great motivator."

New Zealand Book Council; Karen Ross; Chief Executive
"We find the tips that come on Debbie's newsletter fun interesting but most of all helpful.. we even enjoy and note the odd recipe and family tip."

JBA Finance Solutions Pty Ltd; Kerry Mason; Office Manager
"Your wonderful newsletter is received by our Director, Senior Mortgage Consultant and Office Manager.(me)

I am now passing it on to our new trainee receptionist and yesterday I emailed it to my sister in Darwin to utilise in their business.

I just happended to have my husbands credit card on me yesterday when I read the latest newsletter and could not help but immediately buy 2 e-books - How to create an Email Newsletter & Managing Your Customer Information.

Both topics are on my hit list for March and reading through the manuals last night - you make it sound so easy and logical.

Also I was so pleased that 10 minutes after I ordered online, I received the address to download the ebooks. I didn't even have to get out of my chair.

Keep up the great newsletters and conferences. I hope to attend in Brisbane one day."

Captive Audience; Jillian Moran; Director
" I always look forward to receiving Debbie's newsletter and her seemingly endless supply of tips on how to do things smarter, faster and more efficiently. I usually print them off to read and digest and keep them in a special reference file I can refer to later. Thanks Debbie, you do a great job. "

Profashion Ltd; Julie Roulston; Directo
"I think your e-mail newsletters are great and have already forwarded them to friends/colleagues."

Systems For Business Ltd; Simon Lawrence
"Debbie, I often groan when I receive your newsletters - but only because if I'm busy, I just have to mark them as unread and come back later. I have a Word file of "Handy hints" and your advice often goes in there. You can use that as a testimonial if you wish."

Payroll Intelligence; Helen Kobakian
"You are on the ball Debbie! Using all your clever techniques. I cannot believe how to a tee your tips are. Just yesterday I was wondering how search engines select our company, and developing our data base links, You are a legend."

Destination Conference & Incentive; Kerrie Rose; Principal
"We eagerly read your newsletters and look for any tips possible. We have recently set up what was an existing mail out of our newsletter to an e-newsletter and we received 3 enquiries for business from our very first e newsletter. We promoted one of our new clients on the next edition and had
8 enquiries for more information.

We are now busily making sure that all our emails are up to date so that we have less returned after each send and looking at using your referral idea to increase our data base. We have decided to move more of our marketing and sales to via email and only do personalised calls when there is business evident. This will mean less foot slog and more 'mind active' with ideas."

The Temporary Alternative; Cathy Fanning
"Debbie's web site, regular newsletters and presentations are a wealth of information and tips for e-newsletters, general email marketing, internet marketing and the latest hints and tips that work and area available. It is almost impossible to keep ahead of everything new in today's world. I look forward to receiving Debbie's newsletters to keep up with what's happening.

Even though we are an IT company there is always more to learn. Keep up the good work Debbie!"

Welcome to Music; Phil Splitter
"Thanks for the great tips! It's always helpful to have someone who knows what they're talking about expalin things in simple down to earth terminology!"

RJM Investments; Ray Jones
"Debbie and her business strategies make really good sense, once you find time to put them to work they save you time and money and help you promote your business both professionally and technically savvy. Well done and thanks Debbie."

Synthesis Consulting; Helen Dew; Marketing Specialist
"Thanks for your newsletter. It was interesting that the tips you sent through for Google, Outlook and Word came at exactly the right time. We have been working on improving our ability to use both over the past week and as soon as I read the newsletter I forwarded it to the two people in my company who are working in those areas. We will be using your ideas very shortly and I am sure they will make things much easier and efficient for us. Thanks very much for coming up with something so practical and timely."

Voltage; David Tse
"Please keep these valuable snippets coming! Its' great to receive some refreshing new (and relevant) tips every now and again - especially as I can try them out as I go, at my own pace."

Order of St John; Bruce Parkes; Risk Management Co-ordinator
"Debbie's newsletter is a constant reminder for me to look at how I can service my clients better. Best of all, she provides tips on how I can do that. Debbie's support is a trusted tool in building customer relations."

Eurokiwi; Igor Georgiev
"As a webmaster and E-commerce graduate, I find that Debbie Mayo-Smith and her is a NEW Frontier in New Zealand regarding E-mail marketing.

I always look forward to reading Debbie's emails. I find them very useful and extremely practical, in particular I like the way Debbie explains things step by step in a very clear manner. And the information supply is actually useful and value for the money. You can even make $$$money$$$ from the free info provided."

Vinoté; James Wilson
"I really enjoy your newsletters. I generally read them more than once and always find at least one gem of great value. I recommend anyone who is getting in to e-marketing to first subscribe to your newsletters. Thanks for your help." Wes McMaster
" Your tips are valuable. I appreciate your advice and admire your passion. You are the only person I know that explains how to use Microsoft Office programs efficiently."

Stride Life Design; Stuart Flemming
" For eighteen months I've been receiving the Business Tip Newsletter. Each one helps me fine-tune my computer skills and gets me thinking 'how can I do this smarter?'. They're short, punchy and useful - one of the few publications I read in full before filing. Keep up the great work, Debbie!"

Classic Sheepskins; Arthur Spence
" I like receiving your -mails and tips. They are extremely helpful, particularly your Google advice. Their ranking of web-site pages in being actively used by me, and it is interesting to compare our results against what I thought were top sites. Keep the information coming." Marj Mulholland.
Having been linked with Debbie and "successis" since the inception, the tips and assistance I have gained with my company newsletters and general emailing and webpage information has been fantastic.

Give an idea to a busy person and it happens!!!! Congratulations Deb. 6 children, twins, triplets, emails, books, business - wow. IMARJ Corporate Excellence Ltd is grateful to Deb. for her consistency and support.

Computer Training; Jenny McLeish
"Thanks Debbie, for the opportunity to share your very useful tips from your email newsletter - we especially found the Google toolbar tip handy from the last newsletter.

Your newsletter style is great, with even those of us who very seldom get past the second paragraph in an email, actually reading all the way to the end! Keep up the good work."

Rampworx NZ; Dianne Bloemendal
"Debbie, I love receiving your emails full of inspiring ideas. I attended a free Telecom seminar recently and it was great to hear you in person. I have bought a couple of your books and am always getting something new out of them as I become more familiar with my computer and as our business expands.
You help me think outside the square! I think sometimes a woman explaining stuff can get the message across better than a man, but I won't go further down that track in case I get into trouble!"


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