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Professional Online Newsletters and Emails Exactly How To Create Your Own

Email is one of the top channels for communication in business today. From interoffice memo's through to online newsletters, marketing emails and brochures - almost everything can be done by email.

But plain text isn't quite suitable all the time. When you add a bit of colour and design to your emails, they become much easier and more enjoyable to read.

So. Do you want to take your online communications from average to spectacular?
Do you want to send great professional looking online newsletters to your clients, prospects and employees?

You don't need to go to expensive advertising or web development agencies or have the budget of large corporations.

All you need is good to intermediate computer skills, perhaps web software (as detailed inside) and this great new fully illustrated step - by - step guide to show you how to do it even better than most professionals! Buy Online Newsletters and Emails by Debbie Mayo-Smith Now!

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You can’t lose. Professional Online Newsletters and Emails Exactly How To Create Your Own is guaranteed. If you buy it from us online and aren’t 100% satisfied, just return the book and we will cheerfully refund your money.

Professional Online Newsletters and Emails
Print $25.00, sent via airmail for free
E-book only $15.00
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Sample Chapter - How to create an online newsletter

If you would like to see a few free sample chapters, please click here. We have a 19 page PDF that is about 400k for you.

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Why You Need Professional Online Newsletters and Emails


Ask anybody what they think - and the first thing that springs to mind is horrible junk email and spam.

While people do dwell on the negative let's not forget the positive - that it is still an unbeatable, instant, valuable and inexpensive way of communicating with your clients, employees, distributors, suppliers, members.............

Email isn't new any more, online newsletters are not so unique and inboxes are cluttered. So your efforts must be above average, grab attention, be easy to read and above all look professional and get results.

This book explains the technical aspects of newsletter and email template set up and email merging and distribution in simple plain language with step by step instructions and screen shots.

Together with Successful Email Marketing (which helps you develop a marvellous marketing strategy and teaches you all about graphic design) and Superb Tips And Tricks For Managing Your Customer Information (which helps you manage or set up your marketing database) you have all the infomration, tips, expert tricks and knowledge you need to build a much, much, much more profitable business or higher income.

Professional Online Newsletters and Emails
Print $25.00, sent via airmail for free
E-book only $15.00
Order Now
Buy Online Newsletters and Emails by Debbie Mayo-Smith Now!

Table of Contents - Professional Online Newsletters And Emails Exactly How To Create Your Own

Section I – Preparation Your Background Knowledge
Chapter 1 - Three Types of Email Templates You Can Send

Section II– Software You'll Need To Do It Well
Chapter 2 - Databases
Chapter 3 - Software for Designing your Email
Chapter 4 - Website Integration - What You Need To Know

Section III –Building Your Template
Chapter 5 - Getting Started With Advanced Formatting
Chapter 6 - Working With Tables
Chapter 7- Adding Colour
Chapter 8 -Your Content and Links
Chapter 9 - A Last Few Words

Section IV Sending The Email - Your Distribution Methods
Chapter 10 - Sending - Your Distribution Choices
Chapter 11 - Preparation Before You Send

Appendix 1- How To Do A Word Email Merge
Appendix 2 - What About Publisher?

Professional Online Newsletters and Emails
Print $25.00, sent via airmail for free
E-book only $15.00
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Testimonials - Professional Online Newsletters and Emails

Kids Friendly New Zealand Limited; Gaye Miller; Editor
"I got Debbie's e-books, which was the first time for me getting any e-books at all, and found both the process of ordering them hassle free. I believe that it is important to learn as much as possible about the businesses your in, ours is an on-line magazine and monthly newsletter. I have found Debbie's books wonderful, full of handy hint and easy to follow steps. I have no hesitation of recommending Debbie Mayo-Smiths books and e-books."

Southern Promotions Neil Bennett; Manager
I have now had all three of Debbie’s books on email marketing and find them very easy to read and understand as she explains it in plain language. These books have been a valuable asset to me. I have also attended one of Debbie seminars and enjoy her relaxed way of getting her message across.

New Zealand Institute of Management; Craig Marsh; Manager Membership Services
"Debbie has done it once again - First was the 'Successful Email Marketing' book and just when I thought it couldn't get any better; Debbie releases 'Customer Information' and 'Email Newsletters'.

Both books are brilliant in their simplicity and easy-to-understand style. The step-by-step instructions make these the ultimate reference guide. NZIM staff at all levels have found both books invaluable in creating membership newsletters and assisting with our Email Marketing. Debbie, thanks so very much!"

Northland Polytechnic; Tracey Morris; International Marketing Executive
"I have just received an award from ITPNZ (Institutes of Technology & Polytechnics of New Zealand) for Excellence in Innovation. The award was for the work I have been doing using email marketing to do my newsletters, email marketing campaigns and online surveys.

I was really thrilled and just wanted to pass on my thanks to you. I continually do lots of reading but the majority of what I have learnt has come from your workshops and books. The judges were really imprssed by what I could do with readily available software (i.e GravityMail and Smartmail). It's all second nature to me but amazing how it appears quite innovative when you don't live and breathe email marketing."

Treasury Technology NZ Ltd; Mike Mckeown; Director Sales and Marketing
" Just a quick note to say thanks for the book. I found it easy to read and very informative.

The beauty of your message is that it is simple and easy. The book gives a great insight into not only "what you should do" , but also covers "what you shouldnt do" and gives easy to follow examples on how to do it."

Blue South Ltd; Peter Robinson
" I found the books to clear, concise, packed with useful information and simply inspirational. We are now on course for beginning our own E mail marketing campaign the correct way."

Owen Hodge Lawyers; Renée Hall
" I have to say that every contact I have made with Debbie and her company has been FANTASTIC.

I have several e-books including How-to Create an Email Newsletter and Super Tips and Tricks for Managing your Customer Information. The information that I have gleaned from these publications as well as attendance at a one day workshop held in Sydney has been awesome. I have become a computer guru.

The types of marketing and communication campaigns I have implemented have been A1. I can’t thank you enough. The information is interesting, relevant, practical and very useful. A template I was working on had a slight hitch – I emailed it through to Debbie’s email address and had the answer I needed that afternoon – talk about service! I really am ecstatic about my new found knowledge. Keep up the sensational work."

Hot Shot Sports Equipment; Marcia
" The e-book purchased was one of the best investments we have made. It is clear, easy to understand, and a wealth of information."

InterLEAD Consultants; Vicky Richter; Programme Manager
I have found the Email Newsletter e-book so helpful. Within the first 10 pages I had found out 3 reasons why my mass mailings hadn’t worked! As a novice in this area, I have found the simple wording and graphics very easy to follow.

Carol Johnson
Even though I have been in business for a few years now, I am relatively new to the concept of on-line marketing and computer generated data bases in general. And being a 50 something self-taught computer user I need all the help I can get! The books proved invaluable and full of great information, I have learnt a lot and now I am putting it all into practise.Early days yet but positive results are starting to happen.

Team Corp; Jamie Spencer; Managing Director
The E-book was great. Easy to read and understand. Many great ideas. Can’t wait to read the hard copy when published.

Sewing With Pride; Andre Bezuidenhout
I purchased the "How to create an email newsletter" e-book and must say that I am very impressed. I did email Newsletters in the past using Word, because I did not know how to use Front Page. This e-book really showed me step-by step on how to do it; and from now on my Newsletters will definitely have a more professional look and more user friendly for my clients.

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Andrew Gardner; Investors Edge

"Get on her email list mate! She sends brilliant tips every month. It’s the one newsletter I love to get!"

Austco Communications Ltd; Allan Horner
You guys do this so well, Having read "SUCCESSFUL EMAIL MARKETING" last year, I found Debbies latest works "How to Create an Email Newsletter" and "Superb Tips & Tricks" contained very worthwhile additional information. The Trilogy is complete!

Right Moves Ltd; Jim Pope; Managing Director
The e-mail newsletter e-book has proved very successful. We are a new business still in start-up phase and need to keep our overheads down. This book has allowed us to control and manage our advertising and to dramatically reduce our costs. Using the methods suggested has also allowed us to reinforce our points of difference and to add that personal touch. A very useful business tool!